Deep Machine Learnig System

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Data is the new oil!
Brian Krzhanich, head of Intel

How do you turn data into profit?

The MAIA system uses automated anonymized video analytics and deep machine learning algorithms based on neural networks to form a comprehensive customer profile in a physical store. Combining a physical profile with a loyalty program account or an online store profile allows you to deeply analyze shopping behavior and build an effective marketing strategy.

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The main function of the MAIA system is

  • Increased traffic
  • Conversion increase
  • Increasing the average check amount

Quality growth is achieved through the introduction of omnichannel analytics, recommendation marketing and personalized advertising at the point of sale

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By digitizing the daily customer experience we only have 1.5 seconds to engage a buyer with an ad message.

The main rule of effective advertising is to show the right content to the right user at the right time.

Synchronizing space and time

A dynamic heatmap will optimize the layout of the retail space, increase the efficiency of its use and shorten the time of customer service.


Safe shop

The MAIA system allows you to take care of the safety of employees and customers without violating their personal space. The MAIA STM module will make it possible to measure the temperature of visitors and store employees without contact and with high accuracy, as well as identify the use of protective masks and the observance of social distance

MAIA system modules

Each module of the MAIA system can be used as a stand-alone application. Integration of all system modules significantly increases the efficiency of each of them


Omnichannel Analytics


Automatic generation and analytics of heat map


Automatic generation and display of personalized ads


Security module: automatic temperature measurement, mask and social distance detection


MAIA Omnichannel Analytics

Automated omnichannel analytics

Based on an in-depth analysis of the audience the retailer can form a targeted and more effective offer.

The essence of omnichannel analytics is to re-identify a visitor by facial features, clothing, movement, and parallel binding to the MAC address of his phone and the advertising ID of his device. Thus, we get a physical profile of the buyer, which we can digitize and enter into the database, and find it out when he visits the store again.

In parallel, we can "stitch" the physical profile of the buyer with his profile in the loyalty program, if he has an application where he has already entered his contact information and gave us permission to process his personal data. Now we know his history of searches, visits, purchases in online stores. We can predict his consumer basket based on his own shopping habits: how often he goes to the store, what he buys, which brands he chooses, etc.


MAIA Heat Map Analytics

Automatic generation and analytics of heat map

A heat map is an effective tool to quickly increase sales conversions. Working with this tool allows you to:

Increase the level of comfort inside the retail space and avoid high traffic density in certain areas, which meets not only the requirements of epidemiological safety, but also provides an elementary level of comfort for visitors. The high concentration of customers inside the store leads to discomfort of movement and a possible outflow of customers during peak hours.

Using a heat map, you can quickly determine the optimal locations for your promo showcases to maximize the effectiveness of your promotions.

Formation of a heat map in real time will help to form a store planogram and arrange counters and showcases for the most comfortable and fast movement of customers.

Using a dynamically changing heat map, you can calculate the optimal number of employees, POS and self-checkout counters to avoid long queues during peak hours, but at the same time reduce the budget for equipping additional cashier workplaces.


MAIA Personalized Advertising System

Automatic generation and display of personalized ads

Marketing Assistant

Recognizes the gender and age of the customer. Offers advertisements for a relevant product or targeted product, tailored according to the preferences of this group.

By accumulating history of visits, the program
offers more personalized ads based on previous purchases, related products, and purchasing habits.

Buyers have a much more acceptable attitude towards advertising at the point of sale, and react much better to it, because at this point, they are ready to make a purchase decision, and expect help in making a choice. Personal advertising is not annoying, but helps to make a decision to buy a product.

When creating groups for personalized advertising, we can take any approach into account and segment buyers according to different types of decision making. Use age and gender segmentation, the theory of generations, and thereby increase the audience's response to our advertising messages.

What is important, we do not waste the time of marketers and designers to create advertising messages, the generation of content according to a given algorithm takes place in a fully automatic mode thanks to the built-in MAIA AACG system.


MAIA Smart Temperature Measurement

Security module: automatic temperature measurement, mask and social distance detection

MAIA STM not only measures the temperature, but also identifies a potentially sick person and allows staff to instantly respond to the emergence of a danger

Compliance with the recommendations of the supervisory authorities
MAIA STM meets recommendations on non-contact temperature measurement and does not require the involvement of personnel to carry out measurements. Has the ability to automatically upload a log of temperature measurements of employees.

High accuracy and speed of measurements
Thanks to deep intelligent processing, the system provides a minimum measurement error in the range of 0.2 - 0.5 degrees, high speed and the possibility of group data processing (up to 20 people per frame per second).

Connecting the MAIA STM will be cheaper than installing a high-precision thermal imaging camera with additional software. Possibility of various payment schemes, both a one-time purchase and a subscription.

Development and customization
Acquisition of MAIA STM is not a freeze of funds in a monofunctional product, but an investment in a system that can provide additional options based on an existing solution.

What else you need to know about the MAIA system

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